Nice Guy Trio

Nice Guy Trio – I Can See Infinity From Here

Nice Guy Trio – Ducci Calypso

Nice Guy Trio – Fabbie’s Footsteps (composed by Daniel Fabricant)

Nice Guy Trio + Myra Melford, Kasey Knudsen, Evan Francis – Glass Ceiling, Paper Floor


Cylinder – Sung By Dogs (composed by Kjell Nordeson)

Cylinder – Sung By Dogs (live) (composed by Kjell Nordeson) Live at the Make-Out Room, San Francisco CA on June 7, 2010.

Brass Menazeri

Brass Menazeri – Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon,” (arranged by Darren Johnston).

Brass Menazeri – Hajde Fato. Live at Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, June 2010.

Brass Menazeri Balkan brass band plays a mega kolo medley (Mejra Na Tabutu, Kozarica Kolo & Opa Cupa) at the Kafana Balkan party, at the Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, Jan 22, 2011.