Shipwreck 4 – Lisa Mezzacappa, Frank Rosaly, Aaron Bennett, Darren Johnston, No Business, 2016

Everybody’s Somebody’s Nobody – Fred Frith/Darren Johnston duo, Clean Feed, 2016

…Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire – Kyle Bruckman’s WRACK, Singlespeed Music, 2015

We Are Alive – Meklit Hadero, Six Degrees, 2014

Spectral – Dave Rempis, Darren Johnston, Larry Ochs, Aerophonic Records, 2014

 Live At The Novara Jazz Festival – Vijay Anderson’s Touch and Go Sextet, Nine Winds, 2014

 For We Have HeardSteven Lugener Quartet featuring Myra Melford, Matt Wilson, Darren Johnston, No Business, 2013

The Gonifs – The Gonifs, Porto Franco, 2012

The Big Lift – Darren Johnston’s Gone To Chicago – Porto Franco 2011

Sidewalks and Alleys/Waking Music – The Nice Guy Trio with strings – Porto Franco, 2011

Cylinder –  Aram Shelton, Darren Johnston, Lisa Mezzacappa, Kjel Nordesson, Clean Feed, 2011

These Are the Names – Steven Lugener featuring Myra Melford, Matt Wilson, Darren Johnston, self released, 2011

Soul of a Movement – Meditations on Dr. Martin Luther King – Marcus Shelby Orchestra, Porto Franco Records, 2010

On A Day Like This – Meklit Hadero, Porto Franco Records, 2010

Here Comes the Nice Guy Trio – The Nice Guy Trio, Porto Franco, 2009

Weasel Walter – Large Group Performances – Weasel Walter, Ug Explode, 2009

Reasons For Moving – Darren Johnston with Larry Ochs, Fred Frith, Devin Hoff, Ches Smith, NotTwo Records, 2008

The Edge of the Forest – The Darren Johnston Quintet
Clean Feed, 2008

In Between Stories – United Brassworkers Front, Evander Music, 2007

Two Rooms of Uranium inside 83 Markers – Moe! Staiano’s Moe!Kestra!, Edgetone Records, 2007

The Samuel Suite/Dancing Into One, Aaron Novik, Evander Music, 2007

The Mirror World (for Stan Brakhage) – Larry Ochs/ROVA, Metalanguage, 2007

Harriet Tubman – Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra featuring Faye Carol, Noir Records, 2007

Culture of Pain – Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland – Edgetone Records, 2006

Port Chicago – Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra – Noir Records, 2006

New Magical Kingdom – Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra – Clean Feed, 2006

Notations In Tonations – Gubbish (Aaron Novik) – Odd Shaped Case, 2004

An Alligator in Your Wallet – ROVA: Orkestrova, Music by Satoko Fuji and Steve Adams – Ewe Records, 2004

United Brassworkers Front – United Brassworkers Front – Independent Release, 2003

Liberate the Radio Stations – Telepathy (Patrick Cress) – Odd Shaped Case, 2003

No(w) Music – Adam Lane’s Full Throttle Orchestra – Cadence jazz Records, 2001

Third Impulse – Third Impulse – Edgetone Records, 2001

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