Trans-Global People’s Chorus

Darren’s latest project is the Trans-Global People’s Chorus, a multi-generational choir that utilizes stomping, clapping and snapping along with vocal arrangements, and a stellar horn section.  The first piece “Letters to Home” will premiere at Yerba Buena Gardens Festival on June 22.  Recently Darren was interviewed by Joanna Manqueros on “Music of the World” aired on KPFA 94.1FM.   During the interview he discusses the origin and inspiration for the project.

Listen now:

Nice Guy Trio

Nice Guy Trio – I Can See Infinity From Here

Nice Guy Trio – Ducci Calypso

Nice Guy Trio – Fabbie’s Footsteps (composed by Daniel Fabricant)

Nice Guy Trio + Myra Melford, Kasey Knudsen, Evan Francis – Glass Ceiling, Paper Floor


Cylinder – Sung By Dogs (composed by Kjell Nordeson)

Cylinder – Sung By Dogs (live) (composed by Kjell Nordeson) Live at the Make-Out Room, San Francisco CA on June 7, 2010.

Brass Menazeri

Brass Menazeri – Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon,” (arranged by Darren Johnston).

Brass Menazeri – Hajde Fato. Live at Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, June 2010.

Brass Menazeri Balkan brass band plays a mega kolo medley (Mejra Na Tabutu, Kozarica Kolo & Opa Cupa) at the Kafana Balkan party, at the Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, Jan 22, 2011.